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Jedi master controller I am, pushing tin across the universe I am. Yes, hrrrm.

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Do you know who Lawrence B. Sperry was? More importantly, what is his legacy?

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Vintage air traffic controller design.

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Lady ATCO T-shirt

Lady ATCOs are constantly doing an awesome job, but that is no reason not to joke about it.

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Plug in. Work. Plug out. If this sounds familiar, you are in a right place.

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Franco the cat

If you know why this cat's name is Franco, then the T-shirt is for you. If you don't, keep scrolling...

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How do you find out someone is a pilot? You don`t, he`ll tell you himself...and it all started in 1903...

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Laser pointer appreciation club has members in towers and cockpits around the blue marble.

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Alternative aviation spelling

In a parallel universe, this version of aviation spelling would be ICAO/FAA valid.

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200 most-heard words on RTF

200 most-heard words on RTF, in full accordance with ICAO doc. 9432 Manual of radiotelephony (forth edition 2007)

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About us...ehm, about me....

I'm an active air traffic controller with a twist for design, photography and video with 20+ years on the job. It all started when I made a few T-shirt designs that other people liked and kept asking for more. Lately, I set up a RedBubble account to provide world-wide availability of the merch, please feel free to check it out. 

Thank you for your visit and stay safe!

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